Past Senior Class Gifts

Class of 2003

Class of 2003 senior gift

The Class of 2003 used their class gift funds to purchase a glass display case and plaque for the senior class horn. For more information on the tradition of senior class horn.


Class of 2004

Class of 2004 senior gift

The Class of 2004 donated several couches that were placed in the library to create a more comfortable study area for all those all-night study sessions.


Class of 2005

Class of 2005 senior gift

As their senior class gift, the Class of 2005 donated a computer station to go in the Kellogg Center outside of the Eat Shop.


Class of 2006

Class of 2006 senior gift

The senior class of 2006 decided to donate several benches that were placed outside of the newly completed Science Complex.


Class of 2007


The senior class of 2007 selected two projects for their senior class gift.

Over 97% of the class of 2007 received a scholarship or grant; therefore the senior class gift committee selected annual scholarships as one focus for solicitations.

Furthermore, the class raised funds for several Bartlett Pear trees and a commemorative marker, which were placed in front of Goodrich Chapel to replace the many campus trees lost in the past several years to age, disease, and the emerald ash borer.


Class of 2008

Class of 2008 senior gift

The senior class of 2008 provided two gifts: a plaque commemorating the Rock and a memorial gift honoring two professors who died while this class were students. Their gift was in memory of philosophy and neuroscience professor Ned Garvin, and chemistry professor David Green.


Class of 2009

The Class of 2009 donated a four-foot globe suspended in the Stockwell-Mudd library. The globe is a visual showpiece in the library and may also be used for academic purposes.


Class of 2010

Class of 2010 gift

The Class of 2010 senior gift provided for campus beautification, supporting the development of the green space at the corner of Hannah and East Erie Streets. This site includes a garden featuring the sculpture that was originally installed in the Gerstacker International House courtyard.

Albion College's original 1835 cornerstone, displayed at the south face of the Ferguson building, adds a highlight to the green space, with a plaque commemorating the Class of 2010's contribution to the site.