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Albion College is part of the art, with three members of the Art/Art History department competing in Grand Rapids' ArtPrize competition running through October 7. Assistant professor Gary Wahl and Curtis artists-in-residence Jimmy Kuehnle and Mimi Kato all have entries in the $250,000 competition.

Detail from Wahl's interactive sculpture, part of the ArtPrize competition. Visitors are invited to sketch their dream hous on the back of the ticket, then add it to the exhibit.
"What's unique about ArtPrize is that it's so wide open. Any place can become a venue, anyone can become a critic," Wall noted. "People see art in a gallery and say they like it or don't like it; here they have a voice. As an artist, this is sort of like being in the Roman Coliseum. But you can feel the energy in the air."

"For me, this is a big art festival where you meet many different groups of people. It was also a great opportunity to exhibit my work in Grand Rapids, since I'm in Albion," added Kato. "I believe that many people enter this competition for that reason, not only for winning."

Detail from Kato's"One Afternoon" window art piece
Wahl's work, photography and an interactive sculpture, are on display at the Grand Rapids YMCA and Kato's window art is at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Kuehnle's mobile sculptures are based at the Old Federal Building, although he may be wearing them in various areas during the competition.

Albion College alumnus Terrence Karpowicz, '70, is on both the "most popular" and "most controversial" lists for the ArtPrize voting as of Sept. 24.

Kuehnle's ArtPrize entry, "Big Red," on the street in Osaka, Japan.
The Grand Rapids ArtPrize is a two-tier competition with judging open to any interested persons over the page of 16. The top 10 vote-getters on October 1 will advance to the second round of voting, which ends October 7. Anyone wishing to vote in the competition must register in person in Grand Rapids; see for details.