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The 444 members of Albion College's Class of 2008 enjoyed a perfect last morning on campus for their Commencement exercises.
Albion's Class of 2008 spent some last moments of togetherness before heading to medical and law schools, teaching and business careers and adventures around the world.

"Let me say what a privilege it has been to share this past year—my first as Albion’s president—with you," said president Donna Randall, opening the morning. "You have been challenged by new ideas . . . you have explored different cultures both here at home and abroad, pursued important discoveries in research, made creative contributions in the arts and literature, gained valuable skills in internships, engaged in spirited athletic competition, and served others in need. You now leave enriched, inspired, and confident in your abilities."


Biology professor Jeff Carrier, who gave the faculty greeting to the Class of 2008, presented its faculty farewell. "This begins that point in time for you when you begin to make your mark, when we recognize you as a contributor, no longer a spectator," concluded Carrier. "Welcome to challenges. Welcome to risks. Welcome to the 'real world. Now change it!"

Jason Sebacher sports purple and gold.

Former University of Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr received an honorary degree in recognition of his successes as a coach, mentor, educator and philanthropist. "You gotta listen to me coach you up. Are you ready?" Carr asked the graduates, launching into a lively and thoughtful commencement address that ended with a recitation and his analysis of Rudyard Kipling's If. "Fame and fortune are fine, but nothing in your life is more important than character," Carr summarized. "Celebrate today, but make sure you're up bright and early tomorrow morning, and give it everything you've got."
"The explorations and discoveries we’ve made while at Albion have created a powerful spring holding all our potential," said Lindsay Davis, chosen as the class's senior speaker. "With passion for our endeavors, we are now ready to release our full potential into our goals.

Gerstacker director Mike Frandsen and management professor Vicki Sweitzer congratulate Kevin Crofton.

Claire Furness, assisted by Matt Shilling, sounded the Senior Class Horn, a gift of the Class of 1877.
Flag beares Cindy Cardwell, Shaun Bonnell, Andrew Kersh and John Adams represent the College's top academic achievers.