Psychological Science

Develop your skills as a researcher, critical thinker and communicator. Learn how the brain functions and study the behavior and mental processes of humans and other animals.

As a department, we prioritize close mentorship from faculty and well-supported research opportunities.

As a student of psychological science, you’ll specialize in clinical, cognitive, developmental, industrial/organizational, physiological, health, or social psychology. You’ll develop testable questions and hypotheses, operationally define variables, gather and analyze data, interpret results, and write research reports using APA format, all of which are skills that are valued in many work settings and necessary for graduate study. Then, you’ll apply everything you learn to hands-on experience in the field through the department’s internship program.

You’ll graduate with the critical thinking, research, analytical and practical experience to pursue graduate work in psychology, launch a career in research, human services settings or secondary education, or apply your background to fields such as law, medicine, and business.

Psychological Science Resources

As a student of psychological science, you’ll ground your study in the core principles of human behavior, before delving into advanced classes in clinical, cognitive, developmental, forensic, industrial/organizational, physiological, health or social psychology. Explore courses offered by our department, courses accepted for transfer credit and key resources you’ll need in your research.

Students listening to a poster presentation in the Science Atrium.

Student Research

Because our department has a strong commitment to research, upper-level students are strongly encouraged to make use of Olin Hall’s laboratory facilities for investigating memory, neuroscience, cognition, language, learning, personality, developmental and social psychology in collaboration with faculty. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue independent research through the Foundation for Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (FURSCA).

Student Research