The Learning Café

A woman sits at a desk in front of a computer. An older man sits in a chair next to her with his legs crossed. Two people sit behind them and desks in front of laptops. Posters decorate the back wall.The Ferguson Center for Technology-Aided Teaching and Learning is home to the Education Department’s Learning Café. The Learning Café is a fully equipped computer and media-enabled space that flexibly supports problem-based learning and group work—a designed environment where social interaction and dialogue are seen as an essential part of learning. Students can work individually or in small groups to prepare materials for field placements; faculty use the space for small group instruction and class activities involving technology and multimedia; and the entire education community is welcomed to relax and “play” with educational technology in the Learning Café.

The Ferguson Center and the Learning Café support many of the activities that occur in the Education Department. The 24/7 dedicated space and technical infrastructure provides the setting for many of the workshops and instruction on technology. The Ferguson Center also has access to additional classroom space as needed. In the area surrounding the Learning Café is a multimedia-equipped 60-seat lecture hall. Additionally, the entire Albion campus is wireless enabled.

The Ferguson Center also supports students in their field placements and the use of educational technology. Digital video cameras, voice recorders, and still cameras are available for student use, as well as a portable smart-board and other equipment. Most are available for checkout. Please see the Education Department administrative staff for the necessary checkout forms.