Patrick C. Garrett

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

B.A., Wabash College, 2012
Ph.D. Miami University, 2021

Appointed: 2021

Expertise Areas: Botany, pollination ecology, plant sexual systems, dichogamy, population genetics, plant taxonomy

Current Courses: 

Biology 216: Vascular Plants

Biology 195 Lab: 

Biology 189: Sex, Drugs, and Plants: Plant Science for the Non-Scientist

Research Interests:

Dr. Garrett is a botanist whose primary research interests center around plant sexual systems and how these systems affect plant populations, pollinator communities, and ultimately the genetic structure of the organisms involved in these interactions. In his research he has focused on a relatively rare, but taxonomically widespread plant breeding system known as synchronous dichogamy. Essentially, this breeding system causes all flowers borne on a plant to synchronize sexual expression so that all flowers bloom exhibiting the same sexual condition and synchronously switch to the opposite sex 24 hours later. This basic process, switching from pistillate (female) to staminate (male) sexual expression, continues throughout the flowering season. Dr. Garrett’s current research focuses on three main aspects of this phenomenon. First, how does synchronous dichogamy affect the assemblage of pollinators? How do the pollinators move pollen through the environment? And how does synchronous dichogamy affect the health of plant populations? Second, how does this unique movement of pollen through the environment affect the genetic structure of populations? Third, how is synchronous dichogamy genetically regulated in individuals? Can we identify the genes involved in this process? Ultimately, Dr. Garrett plans to expand his research program to include multiple lineages of plants to provide a phylogenetic perspective to his research. In addition, he will begin collecting more ecological data on seedling recruitment and long-term survival of plants that exhibit synchronous dichogamy.