How Do I Apply to Operation Bentley?

Operation Bentley recruits top students from high schools across Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, to participate in the program. Participants represent rural, urban, and small city areas with differing views on effective forms of government, personal and political beliefs, and prior experiences. Please note that you must commit to being in the program the entire time to attend Operation Bentley.

Entrance is highly selective and some capable students may be turned away. Admission criteria include high school grades, type of courses taken, extra-curricular activities, recommendation, an essay, and significant personal experiences that may add to the diversity of the group.

Students who are selected to participate receive full scholarships to Operation Bentley, generously funded by the Bentley Foundation of Owosso, Michigan. The only cost to the student is a $50 acceptance fee* and the cost of travel from your home to Albion College.

* We will not turn any qualified candidate away from this program based on inability to pay the acceptance fee.  Anyone qualifying for reduced or free lunch in school is eligible for a scholarship for the acceptance fee.


 The Application

Applying to Operation Bentley on-line is easy. Once you have created an account, you will be able to complete the application process as your time allows. Read through these instructions and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

STEP 1 To apply online to Operation Bentley, create an account. Information provided through this account is securely stored for Operation Bentley on the Albion College server.


STEP 2 Once you have registered, you may begin the application.You will provide basic information and an essay. You can save and return to the application as many times a needed. Once you have completed the applicant information and and uploaded your essay, submit it on-line. Your application will not be reviewed until it is complete. Contact us if you have any difficulty in the process.

Complete Application

STEP 3 You must obtain a recommendation from a teacher, counselor, or staff person at your school. The best person is someone who has observed your work, particularly in groups. Talk with this person and ask him/her to complete the on-line form. If your recommender is having difficulty submitting the form, it might be due to controls through the school server. Have him/her contact us and we will find an alternative method of submission.

Recommendation Form

STEP 4 The last step is to print and complete the Application Signature Form. You will not receive final acceptance until we have the form. Original signatures are required to ensure you, your parents, and school personnel understand the commitment needed to participate in Operation Bentley. First, read the "Rules for Participants at Operation Bentley"; then, follow the link to the Application Signature Form to print.

Application Signature Form

STEP 5 Once you have completed the application, you will receive an email confirming we have received all your information, including the recommendation. Keep checking your email for updates on the status of your application! If you haven't heard from us, want to know the status of your application, or just have a question, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Keep in Touch!