Being an active Christian at Albion College is a dynamic experience.  The Office of the Chaplain works with the student Christian leaders to nurture a context that upholds St. Paul's vision of unity in his exhortation to the Church in Philippi (Phil. 2).  Because of this, Christians at Albion find themselves with friends who are conservative, moderate, and liberal, and coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

United Worship

Wednesday Night Chapel (9pm) is the united worship home for the campus.  It's non-denominational/ecumenical.  It's at the perfect time for students, and is student-led.  It features a variety of student speakers, is Bible-based, inclusive, and lifts up a variety of musical genres.  If you are considering Albion College as a Christian, plan a visit for Wednesday night, and experience the grace and praise of Wednesday Night Chapel!

Bible Study

Each semester, there are over a dozen Bible studies available to students.  If for some reason you can not find one that matches your needs, talk to the College Chaplain, and we'll make sure one gets started!

Student Christian Groups

Regardless of your denominational background, there is a Christian community here for you.  The Brochure for Christian Life Fall 2009 shows some of the details.  When you plan your visit, ask to meet with the College Chaplain and some Christian student leaders.  You will feel welcomed.


Many students who attend Albion College seek to grow their Christian faith through service to others or the environment.  Whether it's getting involved in Habitat for Humanity in the Albion community, working on an environmental project, going with a mission trip to Appalachia, restoring a Jewish cemetery in Poland, or in many other ways, Albion College helps you grow your Christian faith through action.

Exploring Ministry

The Office of the Chaplain facilitates a group that supports the development of students who are exploring ministry in many different forms -- professional, mission, education, counseling, and music.  Group members have also included those who are interested in ministry as a secondary career (i.e., they want to be a physician, but also want to do ministry).

For students who know they are considering professional ministry, you are encouraged to meet with the College Chaplain when you visit.  He will discuss resources for finding mentors among faculty and area clergy, as needed, as well as other supports in place for individuals planning to enter the ministry.

A Place to Grow Your Faith

Albion College is an excellent context to grow your Christian faith.  On the one hand, you will be nurtured by faith-filled friendships that will last a lifetime.  On the other hand, you will be challenged in the diverse environment of Albion College and the community of Albion.  Recent graduates often comment on how important this dual experience was in their development as Christian leaders.