Frequently Asked Questions About Commencement

When is Commencement?

Commencement 2020 is on Saturday, May 2. Line-up is at noon, and processional begins at 12:45 p.m. All guests must be in their seats by 12:30 p.m. The ceremony begins at 1 p.m. and lasts approximately two hours.

Is there practice for Commencement?

Yes, Mandatory Commencement Rehearsal will take place at Goodrich Chapel on Friday, May 1 at 2 p.m. Vital information is given at this rehearsal.

Where do I get my honor cords?

You will receive honor cords on Friday at Commencement rehearsal. Only Albion academic honor cords will be passed out at graduation practice. Departmental or academic organization honor cords or pins will be handled by each department or organization. You may also wear a stole representing your cultural heritage if you choose. For complete guidelines, contact Student Affairs.

Where do I get my cap and gown?

You can purchase your cap and gown at the Bookstore, on the first floor of the KC until March 30. After that, it may be special order with an additional cost or we may not carry your specific size!

Where can I get graduation announcements or a class ring?

There will be vendors at the Grad Fair, on the first floor of the KC from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with graduation-related items.

Does my family need tickets for graduation?

Yes, you do need Commencement tickets, but only if the ceremony is held indoors (Goodrich Chapel) for any family members or friends who will be attending Commencement.

You can certainly gather extra tickets from friends who are not using all of their two. Tickets will be distributed via your KC boxes approximately two weeks before Commencement.

What happens if I lose my tickets?

Do not lose your tickets. We do not have replacement tickets for lost tickets. You should put your tickets in a safe location or send them home at the time that you receive them (a mailing envelope will come with your tickets).

Why do we have to have tickets if Commencement is held inside?

Per fire code regulations, we can only have a certain number of people in Goodrich Chapel. Tickets are issued to ensure we adhere to those regulations. Tickets are not needed if the ceremony is held outdoors as seating on the Quad is unlimited.

What if there is a severe weather situation?

The ceremony will be held on the Campus Quadrangle. Events held on our Quadrangle are especially beautiful and memorable for our graduates. In the case of severe weather, before or during the ceremony, announcements about a delay or change in location will be made in order to accommodate the safety of our guests. We ask for your patience and understanding should the Commencement location details change.

If it is raining, cold, etc. the ceremony will remain outdoors and the College will provide complimentary rain ponchos to attendees. Be prepared to bring your own umbrellas, blankets, sun screen, etc.

If the ceremony is delayed; guests are welcome to wait in any of the following buildings till the weather has passed; Stockwell Library, Olin, Ferguson Building, Kellogg Center, Robinson Hall, and Vulgamore Hall.

If the ceremony location is changed; an announcement will be made of this and guests should go to the appropriate building (Goodrich Chapel) for the ceremony. Seating will begin at 11:30 a.m.

You, or your family, can check online (we will send the link to you) to see where Commencement will be or you may call Campus Safety at 517/629-1234.

What do I do to make arrangements for a family member with a disability?

Call the Office of Campus Safety at 517/629-1234 to make arrangements.

Where can my family park?

Your family can park wherever they can find a spot on Saturday. Campus Safety will not ticket during the ceremony. Remember, all city parking guidelines must be followed.

How does my family find out details about Commencement?

The Department of Student Affairs will send out a letter with Commencement information to your parents. Give your family the following details:

There is a designated picture area where parents can take photos of you. We do ask for safety that nobody blocks the aisles or takes pictures from the graduate seating area.

How long do I have to move my stuff out of my room?

You have until 6 p.m. the day of Commencement to move out of your room, though It is recommended that 90% of your belongings be packed before the ceremony. It will make your life a lot easier.

What if there is damage to my room?

Remaining deposit funds (minus any fees) will be returned to you in the summer.

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