Commemorative Gifts

Albion College Commemorative Brick Walkway leading to the Dow Center.Buy a Brick!

For each gift of $500, a Commemorative Brick will be ordered for you with an inscription of your son or daughter's name and class year or the name(s) of an individual(s) they wish to honor. After viewing your brick at the Commemorative Brick Table at Commencement, your brick will then be permanently displayed in the Commemorative Walkway at the Albion College Athletic Complex. To have your brick ready at Commencement, please return the form by April 2.

Purchase a Book with a Book Plate!

With a gift of $100 or more, a new Albion College Library Book will carry a commemorative book plate that will honor your son or daughter's name or the name(s) of any person(s) they wish to honor. The book will be chosen based on the needs of Stockwell-Mudd Libraries and a notice will be mailed to you indicating the book's title and the name of the person you honored. To have your commemorative library book plate ready by Commencement, please return the form by April 2.

Invest in Another Student!

Consider making a donation in your son's or daughter's name to the Briton Scholarship Fund. This fund benefits hundreds of students every year and is a wonderful way to "pay forward" to benefit a deserving student in the year ahead. Simply mark the appropriate box on the gift form. A commemorative card will be given to you at Commencement if you return the enclosed form by April 2.

Please consider purchasing a commemorative gift or donation for your son or daughter today. What better way to recognize your student's efforts and to add continuing value to their degree?

Use the form listed below to give a commemorative gift. To download the PDF form, right-click on the link below and choose Save As... from the shortcut menu.

pdf Commemorative Gift Form

Please return this form and payment no later than April 2 to:

Albion College Office of Alumni Engagement
Albion College
611 E. Porter St.
Albion, MI 49224
Phone: 517/629-0448