1. Certification Program: Administer the interdisciplinary elementary, secondary, and K-12 certification programs for undergraduates in Teacher Education.  Albion College's teacher candidates have a 100% pass-rate on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification.

  2. Technology Studies: Enhance Ferguson Center in articulating the appropriate role for I.T. in improving teaching and learning. Develop research pilot projects that explore the effective use of information technology in teaching and learning. Establish an educational freeware site. Offer a Symposium or other structured study on the impact of computers on teaching and learning.

  3. Partnering with graduate schools who have research grants that explore educational issues in order to expand research opportunities for teacher candidates.

  4. Student Scholarship, Research, and Travel: Support student research agendas and send students to state educational meetings and conferences. Instill within teacher candidates the value of scholarship and professional development and inspire them to do research. A special focus for the research should be the distinctive elements of education in the Albion community.

  5. Endowed Lectureship: Host an EdI week on campus in collaboration with the Elkin Isaac Symposium, bringing in one major public "keynote" speaker, who would also spend a few days on campus and provide seminars for faculty, visit classes, and have conversations with teacher candidates on public policy issues and on current research initiatives in K-12 teaching.

  6. Alumni Outreach/Alumni Expert-in-Residence: Alumni teachers speak to students from a practical viewpoint, visit campus, give presentations, and interact with AC students on an informal basis. Create a newsletter or web site focused on EdI alumni.

  7. Summer Programs: Offer superb program for summer camps for elementary and secondary students. Provide teacher candidates with appropriate housing to enable them to work with these camps.

  8. Summer seminars and programs: Revive the training program for High School AP Class teachers and allow EdI students to be mentored by these master teachers.

  9. Research skills seminar will be offered to teacher candidates and for current teachers in the Albion area and throughout Calhoun County.

  10. Round Table Discussions: EdI will coordinate campus-wide resources, speakers, common reading experience texts, that are related to Education and sponsor round table discussions.