University of Cape Town, South Africa



Subjects: Students should expect to take some courses that focus on Africa and/or the problems and challenges facing contemporary South Africa; other coursework can be drawn from other disciplines in this full curriculum university. Students may do an internship through the Akani internship program administered by the International Academic Programmes Office at UCT.

Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA, Junior-level standing, and demonstrated maturity.

Length: Semester or academic year.

Credit: 4.0 Albion units per semester (3.0 units for 3 courses plus 1.0 unit for internship or 4.0 units for 4 courses). 8.0 Albion units for academic year.

Faculty: University of Cape Town faculty.

Housing: Dorms or apartments or possibly home stays.

Cost: Albion College tuition and fees. This will cover some textbooks and mentoring by on site contact Ms Ida Cooper. Participating students do not pay Albion room and board.

Faculty Advisor: Marcy Sacks, History Department

Comments: One of the premier universities of South Africa, the University of Cape Town was also an "open university", one of only five in the country during the era of apartheid that was committed to non-discrimination in every aspect of its policy and governance. Its 14,000 students are drawn from every race, language group and political viewpoint in South Africa. In addition to teaching and research of the first rank, the university maintains an extensive academic support program for students of disadvantaged educational background and one of the largest community outreach programs of any university in South Africa.

A serious commitment to learning about South Africa and its emergence as a non-racial, democratic state is expected of all students participating.

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