Reduce, Reuse, Really Cool

Students Explore 'Environment and Civic Engagement' WIth Maymester Program

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"Some of our other projects include  constructing recycled insturments, writing environmental poetry and taking a field trip to a landfill," said Amy Alcenius, '08, of the Maymester activities she and Ashley Larimer, '09, are leading in teacher Carrie Fisher's 3rd-4th grade class. "Working in Albion with the Maymester program has been been nothing short of an adventure!"

An Albion College chemistry lab provided space for a hands-on lesson about reusing resources, as part of the collaborative "Maymester" education program taking place this month. Chemistry professor Andrew French hosted an Albion Public Schools 3rd-4th grade classroom as they tie-dyed clothing and linens from their home closets.

"This was my mom's shirt, but I'm going to wear it now," said one student. Another student intended to give a newly-colorful pillowcase as a gift.

The activity was part of the 2008 Maymester theme on "Environment and Civic Engagement," an academic enrichment program for Albion Public Schools, taught in large part by Albion College education students.

"Albion College is doing an excellent job preparing their students for their careers," noted APS teacher Carrie Fisher, who has education students Amy Alcenius and Ashley Larimer  in her classroom. "We have been able to do some extra things like field trips, special projects and assemblies, that we might not have been able to do otherwise. We are truly lucky to participate in Maymester."

Maymester will conclude Thursday, May 29, at 6 p.m., with a "Showcase of Learning" in the Albion College Science Complex Atrium. Projects created by students from preschool to high school will be on display at this community celebration.

A fourth-grader shows off her new creation, made from an old shirt.

Chemistry professor Andrew French sponsored the space. "We could never have done this in our classroom," noted teacher Carrie Fisher.
"We're learning about not littering and how to use things instead of throwing them away," commented one student.
"Working in the public schools for Maymester has been one of the most educational experiences I have had at Albion College," said Larimer, '08. "This has been one of the most trying experiences but it is also one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I will be coming out of this program better prepared and more passionate about teaching."

A student shows off his classic tie-dye design.