Living in Gotham City, Have Yet to See Batman: Katie Dever's Off-Campus Experience

Katherine Dever, '10 (at Rockefeller Center), is a junior majoring in art with a minor in anthropology. She is the daughter of Peter and Beth Dever of Clarkston and a graduate of Clarkston High School.
It is Sunday night again and I am sitting front row at the comedy club down the street from the building where I live. Horatio Sanz is literally lying at my feet acting out a scene with his fellow cast members. This has become my weekly routine: seeing a free improv comedy show whose members include Amy Poehler and Bobby Moynihan. The next night at a stand-up comedy show I am sitting at the feet of Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Andrea Rosen, and Charles Star. But I do much more than see famous comedians for free every week.

I have three internships during the week: two with artists—Emilie Clark and Mickalene Thomas—and one with the Morgan Lehman Gallery. One day I might be on the phone with Condé Nast chair S.I. Newhouse and the next I will be gluing hundreds of shimmering rhinestones onto elaborate paintings that explore cultural and personal conceptions of female identity. I have had dinner with up-and-coming artists at an art collector’s restaurant; been to cocktail parties where art collectors, artists, and gallery owners mingle; and worked at a contemporary art fair whose participants were galleries from all over the world.

It has been a little over two months since I arrived in New York City and so far I have been to lectures by famous artists, book readings, gallery openings, museums, Broadway shows, and endless tourist attractions. New York City is not like any other city I have been to; everything here is fast paced—it is the city that never sleeps. I feel as though every day here is really three days crammed into one; I would not have it any other way.

Right now I am working on my own art pieces that will be in a gallery show organized by the students in my program at our residence, which happens to be in Chelsea—the heart of the art world. This opportunity is especially exciting because our sponsors will be invited to this show and anyone in New York City can attend. Not only do I get to collaborate with my peers, but I will also be expressing the influence my sponsors and New York have had on me as an artist and person. 

Being off-campus has definitely given me a fresh perspective, one that I would not have if I had stayed on campus. I have been keeping a blog of my adventures, please feel free to visit: www.owleyedesigns