CIEE-Rennes, France - University of Haute Bretagne

Subjects: Advanced French language, French Literature, Art History, History, Business, Education, Philosophy, Sociology, and Spanish Literature.

Prerequisites: 2.75 GPA; junior standing; demonstrated maturity

Length: Fall or Spring Semesters

Credit: Up to 4.0 Albion units per semester, depending on course work chosen.CIEE classes are generally 3 semester hours (.75 Albion units) and so students often take 5 classes to equal 3.75 Albion units.

Housing: Students live in French homes with breakfast and dinner provided.

Costs not covered by Albion: Travel to and from Rennes and personal expenses.

Faculty Advisor: Dianne Geunin-Lelle, Modern Languages and Cultures, email:

Comments: Rennes, which is the capital of Brittany, is located just two hours west of Paris by train. Rennes is very economically dynamic and is the city known as the center for technology. The University is located about one mile north of downtown and is divided into two campuses, Rennes I (science) and Rennes II ( humanities). Rennes II is the center for CIEE and has about 22,000 students enrolled, of these 1500 are international.

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