Meritorious Service Award Recipients

Recipients of the Meritorious Service Award must be Albion College alumni and are selected based on time, effort, and monetary gifts contributed over the years to Albion College. These individuals also are honored with plaques on display in the Alumni Conference Room on the third floor of the Kellogg Center. (Induction date shown in parentheses and recipients whose names are italicized are deceased.)

James W. Cook, '54 (2009)
Audrey K. Wilder,'18 (2008)
Edmund L. Jenkins, '57 (2007)
William C. Ferguson, '52 (2005)
Bernard T. Lomas, '46 (2005)
Chris T. Christ, '51 (2001)
John S. Ludington, '51 (2000)
Russell B. Babcock, '27 (1998)
Frank Bonta, '49 (1996)
Stanley Jones, '49 (1997)
Wayne H. Fleenor, '24 (1990)
Kenneth B. Hollidge, '35 (1989)
Patrick N. Pugh, '56 (1974)