Presidential Charge and Member Expectations

Presidential Charge for the Albion College Alumni Board

Designed to empower each individual on the Alumni Association Board of Directors (Alumni Board) to take leadership in amplifying the work at Albion College; to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan; and to continue to affirm Albion College as an exemplary liberal arts college.

The value of an Albion College education is tied significantly to the learning moments that occur within a diverse and inclusive group of engaged students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. Each of the focus areas below contribute to the college’s fundamental impact: for individuals to participate as part of a diverse community in the process of learning to translate critical thought into action.

As we continue to advance the College, the Alumni Board is an invaluable group to help maximize these efforts.

Alumni Board members serve as volunteer leaders and ambassadors between the college and alumni network for:

  • Recruitment: Connect regional alumni with opportunities to encourage nearby prospective students; Engage students involved in specific interest areas relevant to programs at Albion College; Refer prospective students.
  • Engagement: Participate in regional and on-campus opportunities to engage alumni, parents, and prospective students in meaningful ways; Generate excitement in the alumni network around college happenings; Contribute to fundraising efforts and goals.
  • Student Support: Provide opportunities for students to connect with alumni for professional networking, including internship and career experiences; Contribute to the college’s retention efforts through supporting current students; Support the increasingly diverse student population.
  • Albion Community: Connect alumni with developments in the Albion community, contributing to the synergy between the city and college.
  • Pride: Contribute to a common sense of pride in Albion College, our alumni and current students, including the selection of Distinguished and Young Alumni award recipients that will inspire the Albion College community.
  • Connection: Serve as a hub for alumni engagement and involvement with the college; Connect alumni with specific areas of interest; Share key college news and opportunities for involvement with the alumni network.
  • Diversity: Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion, including membership on the Alumni Board that represents the diversity of the alumni and student populations.
  • Philanthropy: Provide annual financial support to Albion College in personally meaningful ways.

Last updated June 2019

Alumni Board Member Expectations

Members of the Alumni Board serve by acting as ambassadors between the College and our alumni network. This group of individuals, as some of our most engaged alumni, stay up to date on current happenings of the College and expand the impact of work at the College by helping to engage alumni and by supporting efforts of the Board of Trustees, President, and Albion College faculty and staff.

An Alumni Board member in good standing will do at least each of the following during the length of one academic year:

Attend Fall Meeting and Homecoming
  • Participate in the selection of Distinguished and Young Alumni Award recipients (100% board participation in voting)

  • Participate in Winter Meeting On campus if able, remote option

  • Contribute to the success of Albion Everywhere in March: host an event if able, attend an event, encourage alumni to attend/participate

  • Attend Distinguished and Young Alumni Awards Ceremony and Spring Meeting

  • Participate in the selection of new Alumni Board members (100% board participation in voting)

  • Share Albion College news and updates with their alumni network (social media, email, phone calls) and encourage alumni to:

    • Attend College/alumni events
    • Update their contact information and life changes with the college
    • Contribute to the college as they are able
  • Attend a regional alumni event representing the Alumni Board
    If one is available in their area

  • Connect with current students on the Briton Network and encourage other alumni to do the same

  • Volunteer for at least one specific Alumni Board focus area project
    In most cases this work can be done remotely
    All projects first filtered through IA and appropriate staff partners

  • Give an annual donation to the College of personal significance
    (100% board participation in giving)

Approved 10/4/19