Albion Student Ambassadors

Albion Student Ambassadors at Grand Getaway

Students today. Alumni forever.

The mission of the Student Ambassadors is to promote the interests of and understanding between the students of the past, present, and future at Albion College through the programs and services offered by the organization and in joint effort with its sponsor, the Albion College Alumni Association.

We want to educate the general student body with a better understanding of the Albion Alumni Association and likewise bring the alumni community up to date with the current student body. We shall endeavor to promote tradition and unity within the College to ultimately preserve a lifelong connection for all those who pass through Albion College.

The Future of ASA

The academic year holds many great opportunities for the Student Ambassadors. With planning already underway, the members of the ASA are eager to even further improve the breadth and quality of our programs and events. Some of the projects Student Ambassadors is involved in include:

  • New Student Move-In Day
  • Opening Convocation
  • Homecoming Weekend
  • Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • Thank You Thursdays
  • Top 10 in 10: Young Alumni Awards Dinner
  • Grand Getaway
  • Regional Alumni Events

How to Get Involved

Whether you are a student or an alumnus/alumnae, the ASA is a great way for you to become actively engaged in the College. For our alumni, ASA programs afford a direct connection to the current student body and an opportunity to help shape the student experience at Albion. For students, the ASA can offer meaningful networking, leadership, and philanthropic opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ASA, please contact Emma Chervinsky, Assistant Director of College Events.

Meet ASA's current president