Meet Molly

Meet Molly.

Molly Thompson

Molly Thompson
Admission Counselor


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“I love the passion that all people have here for Albion. You can tell that the students, professors and staff members love Albion and truly feel that it’s a great place to be.”

In Molly’s words:

On career preparation:

“Get to know your professors as well as possible and take advantage of any academic opportunities that are available. If a professor invites you to participate in their research, do it! If you can study abroad, do it!”

On campus beauty:

“I love walking around campus and sitting on the quad. It’s a great place to enjoy the fall scenery and take in everything that’s happening.”

On the power of connections:

“Make the most of all that Albion has to offer and build those connections! You never know when you will need them later in life.”

Never Misses: The Big Bang Theory.

Western Roots. BuffaloMolly is originally from South Dakota.

Bilingual Dreams: She hopes to someday speak German fluently.

GlobeOn her bucket list: She plans on visiting all seven continents.