Fly-In Reimbursement Program

We are so confident you will be impressed by the Albion College campus and community that we will help pay to get you here!

If you are a high school senior who has been accepted to Albion College, you are eligible for a one-time reimbursement of up to $300 toward the cost of a plane ticket.

Albion College will reimburse you for half the ticket cost, up to $300, following the campus visit. The airline ticket receipt must be presented to the Admissions Office at the time of the campus visit to receive the reimbursement.

Important: Please contact your admission counselor for scheduling your visit BEFORE you purchase your flight.

Program Details

  • Flight reimbursements will be made throughout the year for both individual visits and group visit events.
  • Ground transportation to and from campus will be offered by the college.
  • Each individual student is only able to receive one flight reimbursement from Albion College throughout his/her entire college search process.
  • The program is for those students living more than 300 miles away from Albion College.
  • We really like parents, but their tickets are not eligible for reimbursement. On-campus meals will be provided and you can view a recommended lodging list on our visitor's guide.

Recommend Airports

  • Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW): Driving time to campus is approximately 1.5 hours.
  • Lansing Capital Region International Airport (LAN): Driving time is approximately 1 hour.