Transfer Profile: Caroline Bearss, '15

Caroline Bearss

What made you pick Albion College?

I first heard about Albion because my high school had a strong connection with Albion. When I began the transferring process I asked my high school college counselor for his opinion and he advised me to check out Albion again. I soon discovered that Albion's admission team was hands down the best out of the other schools I was looking at. Albion's enthusiasm about my potential enrollment, as well as their strong academics and connections, made me chose Albion.

So far, how is Albion different from your previous school?

Albion's academics far exceed my previous school’s.  I am more academically challenged, and I am given more opportunities for my academic growth.  

Albion's campus activities are also extremely different. My previous school offered two on-campus actives per year, where Albion offers at least two activities per week. It has allowed to meet people and have much more fun in college.

What are you studying? What are you involved in?

I am studying English creative writing with a minor in history.  I am involved in the equestrian hunt seat team as well as the equestrian club.

What are you plans after graduating from Albion?

I do not have any formal plans after graduation yet. I am working with the Career and Internship Center to search for jobs and internships.  In the future I hope to write screenplays for film and television.

What was the transfer process like for you?

I was lucky enough to have an older sister who has transferred from her original college to a new one. Since my sister, and my parents, had gone through the process before, they had a lot of knowledge and were very supportive in my decision to transfer. It was a scary thought to leave a place and friends that I knew, but I was very excited to find a college that was a better fit for me. The hardest part was deciding on where to go, and Albion stood out to me.

What's been the most pleasantly surprising thing you've seen at Albion?

I have been very pleasantly surprised with the equestrian program. Equestrian programs have a reputation for being very competitive. Although it is competitive, I haven't felt like certain people get more attention or that I wasn't an important member of the team even though I wasn't the strongest rider. I have really enjoyed my experience and it has been a lot of fun.