Tuition and Fees

Basic expenses at Albion College for the academic year are listed below.

Comprehensive Fee, 2005-06

Tuition for the school year is $24,012. This includes activities pass and College newspaper. Room and board charges for the two semesters total $6,928.


Student Senate Activity Fee (yearly)


Application Fee

Covers cost of processing application. Non-refundable.


General Deposit


Payable upon receiving notice of admission to assure a place in the enrollment. $150 will be credited to the first semester general fees for matriculating students. For students accepted for the first semester, entrance deposits are required by May 1. For students accepted for the second semester, entrance deposits are required by November 15. Entering students who cancel enrollment after May 1 and prior to August 1 for first semester and after November 15 and prior to December 15 for second semester will receive a partial refund of $50. Partial refunds will not be made after August 1 and December 15 for the respective semesters. See ``Refunds''
section for details regarding return of the general deposit to students who have already been enrolled.

Matriculation Fee/Readmission Fee
A one-time matriculation fee of $100 is paid by all matriculating students at registration for administrative and processing costs. Re-admitted students are also required to pay a $50 re-admission fee. Non-refundable.

Textbooks and Supplies
There are no standard fees for textbooks and supplies. However, every student must plan to purchase such items in addition to the expenses listed above. Books and supplies range from $600 to $700 per year for the average Albion student.

Other Educational Fees
(per semester, where applicable)

Tuition each 1/4 unit below 3 units or above 4 1/2 units


Late Final Enrollment -- First day


-- Each additional day late


Tuition for Auditors (per 1/4 unit) without credit


Off-Campus Study Program Application


Course Film Charge (see individual course for exact charge)


Ceramics I


Ceramics II


All other Ceramics courses (per unit)


Photography (one unit)


(one-half unit)


Printmaking (all)


Psychology Laboratory Fee


Music Fees
Private music lesson fees for non-majors:

1/4 unit (1/2 hour lesson per week)


1/2 unit (1 hour lesson per week)


Students declaring a music major (and demonstrating this intention by being enrolled in the music classes appropriate to the music major curriculum) will receive at no additional cost up to 1/2 unit of private lessons per semester. All other students must pay the full applied music fee for lessons. The music practice room charge is included in the private lesson fee.

Refunds: Students who drop private music lessons after the second week of classes will receive no refund. Students dropping lessons during the first two weeks will be charged $40 per scheduled lesson.

Special Fees

Special Student Admission Fee (non-refundable)


CLEP Credit

One-half tuition

Identification Card Replacement


Automobile Registration (per year)

First-year: $300
sophomore: $200
junior: $100
senior: $100

Replacement of Lost Room Key and Changing Lock Hardware

If a key is lost a second time, a fee of $100 will
be charged for replacement.


Replacement of Lost Mailbox Key

If a key is lost a second time, a fee of $40 will be charged for replacement.


Replacement of Diploma Insert with Cover


Other Housing (two semesters unless otherwise indicated)


Individual student with board
Individual student without board


Dean Hall:

Utility/Amortization Fee


Burns Street:

Family living (per month)
Individual student (non-efficiency) with board
Individual student (non-efficiency) without board
Individual student (efficiency) with board
Individual student (efficiency) without board


Briton Apartments:

Individual student with board
Individual student without board


Karro Village:

Individual student (double room) with board
Individual student (double room) without board
Individual student (single room) with board
Individual student (single room) without board
(Double rooms may not be converted to singles.)


Residence Halls:

Double converted to single
Standard small single


Payment of Tuition and Fees

All accounts are payable in full on final enrollment day at the opening of each semester in cash, by check, by MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card, or through a College-approved tuition payment plan. For a student to participate in the College's own deferred payment plan, the need for deferred payments must be established in advance at the Business Office. In such cases, the deferred payment plan requires that a minimum of one-half of the basic semester fees (which include tuition, room, board, and any additional miscellaneous fees) must be paid on final enrollment day. The balance will be paid in two equal installments including a time charge differential equal to 1 1/4 percent per month accrued from the date of final enrollment. In 2005-06 the balance of fees is payable on October 12 and November 9 for the first semester, and on February 22 and March 22 for the second semester. A scholarship, grant-in-aid, work credit or loan is not accepted as part of the initial payment. Failure to meet an installment that is past due automatically cancels the privileges of class attendance.

No diploma, certificate, transcript, semester grade report, letter of honorable dismissal or letter of recommendation will be granted to students who have an indebtedness to the College.

Students having any indebtedness to the College will not be permitted to complete enrollment for the following semester's classes.

Sound business practice provides guidelines for all financial transactions with the College, including but not limited to the payment of fees and other obligations, purchases at the bookstore and the cashing of checks. These practices include a respect for accuracy and punctuality; and the College deals both with students and parents when questions concerning these transactions arise.

The College reserves the right to increase or decrease fees and charges according to changes in economic conditions. Published notice of any change normally will be given in advance.


Students who withdraw prior to the end of a semester are subject to the terms of the Albion College refund policy. Depending on the date and circumstances of a student's withdrawal from the College, a refund may be in the form of pro-rated charges and credits, rather than a cash payment to the student. Appeals by those students who feel that individual circumstances warrant exceptions from the established policy should be made in writing to the vice president for student affairs. Both voluntary and involuntary withdrawals are subject to the refund policy and a $100 withdrawal processing fee.

It should be noted that students who have enrolled under a deferred payment agreement are bound to fulfill the terms of that agreement even though they may withdraw from the College prior to the close of a semester.

Refund Policy
If a student withdraws or is suspended or expelled from Albion College, then
the student may be eligible for a refund of a portion of the tuition, fees, room and
board paid to Albion College for that semester. If the student received financial
assistance from outside of the family, then a portion of the refund will be returned
to the grant, scholarship or loan source from which that assistance was received.

If a student plans to withdraw, then the student should complete the Student Withdrawal Form, available from the Student Affairs Office, to begin the withdrawal process. This procedure will enable Albion College to refund the maximum possible institutional charges.

Two formulas exist for determining the amount of the credit: Albion's
refund policy and a federal formula (Return of Title IV Aid) derived from
the 1998 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. The federal formula
is applicable to any student receiving federal aid other than Federal Work-
Study if that student withdraws on or before completing 60 percent of the
semester. These students may also receive a refund of non-federal aid
through Albion's refund policy. Students not receiving federal aid will have
their refund calculated using only Albion's refund policy.

Albion's refund policy is as follows: Students who withdraw from Albion
College may receive a pro-rated refund of tuition and board fees, according
to the following schedule:

Week Institutional Refund Week Institutional Refund
1 75% tuition/pb* 7-14 Pro-rated board
2-6 40% tuition/pb* 15-16 No refund

*Pb=pro-rated board fees

The federal formula provides for a return of Title IV aid if the student received federal financial assistance in the form of a Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Perkins Loan, Federal Family Educational Loan Program or PLUS loan and withdrew on or before completing 60 percent of the semester. The percentage of the return is equal to the number of calendar days remaining in the semester divided by the total number of calendar days in the semester. Scheduled vacation periods of more than four days are excluded.

If any refund remains after the return of Title IV aid, the refund will be used to repay Albion College funds, state funds, other private sources and the student in proportion to the amount received from each non-federal source if there was no unpaid balance due at the time of withdrawal. If there was an unpaid balance, then all aid sources will be repaid before any money is paid to the student.

If funds were released to a student because of a credit balance on the student's account, then the student may be required to repay some of the federal grants or loans released to the student.

Students who have questions about the refund policy should contact the Financial Aid Office.

General Deposit Refunds--General deposit refunds are made in full (less deductions for unpaid College charges) after the end of a semester provided written notice of intent to withdraw is filed with the vice president for student affairs by the following deadline dates:

October 14 for withdrawal at the end of the first semester
March 15
for withdrawal at the end of the second semester

A 50 percent refund of the general deposit will be made when written notice of intent to withdraw is provided to the vice president for student affairs by the following deadline dates:

December 1 for withdrawal at the end of the first semester
August 1
for withdrawal during the summer

A form to indicate one's intent to withdraw is available at the Student Affairs' Office in the Ferguson Student, Technology, and Administrative Services Building. Completion of this form will constitute notification that the student intends to withdraw from the College at the end of the current semester. Should there be a change in the student's plans, it will be necessary for the student to submit an application for readmission.

A student who completes his or her degree will receive a refund of the general deposit less any remaining College charges. (e.g. room damage, loss of keys, etc.)