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Dear Resident Assistant Applicant:

Thank you for applying for a Residential Life staff position at Albion College. The Resident Assistant (RA) is primarily responsible for creating a community within the residence halls that contributes to the social, educational, and developmental growth of students. The RA position offers many rewards, including personal growth and leadership development. It is also a role that requires substantial amounts of time and reordering of personal priorities. Of utmost importance is the need for each RA to act as a role model for their floor community and the campus community.

The minimum qualifications for the RA position are:

  • Current, full-time residential student of Albion College
  • Two semesters of college experience upon taking the position
  • A 2.50 minimum cumulative GPA
  • Good social and academic standing with the College
  • Ability to commit to RA position for a full academic year
  • Participate in all RA training programs
  • Fulfill specific RA position responsibilities

RA Application

Please enter your first name.
Please enter your last name.
Please enter your Student ID number.
Please enter your hall and room number.
Please enter your most recent RA.
Please enter your KC Box number.
Please enter you cell phone number.

Please choose your class standing.
Please enter your GPA.
Please enter your anticipated graduation date.
Please enter your Major and Minor.

Please indicate any participation.
Please choose one.
If yes, please explain.

Recommendation Forms

One way that Residential Life likes to get to know students is to see how they are in other aspects of their life. We do this through the recommendation form.

Residential Life will be contacting the people you put down for the Recommendation Form. They will be emailed the information they need. Please let them know that you are putting them down ahead of time. We do not need formal Letters of Recommendation from them.

There are 2 recommendation forms required. One from each of the following:

  • Resident Assistant or Resident Director
  • Faculty or Staff
Please enter the name of the RA/RD who will complete the recommendation form.
Please enter their email address.
Please enter the name of the faculty or staff that will complete a recommendation form.
Please enter the email of recommending faculty or staff.

Release of Information, Resident Assistant Job Responsibility Notification, and Waiver of Rights

You must agree to this statement to continue.

Statement of Interest/Cover Letter

Applicants are required to submit a Statement of Interest/Cover Letter. The Statement of Interest/Cover Letter should address:

  • Why you are interested in the RA position
  • How has your personal growth been impacted by living in the residence halls?
  • Describe the role of the RA within a residence hall community as your see it.
  • Your top preference for placement and why you believe your strengths/expertise will be best utilized there.
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Applicants are required to submit a resume. This resume should highlight skills and interests relevant to the Resident Assistant position, as well as work and volunteer history and current clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities. Your resume should include:

  • Employment Experience
  • Community/Volunteer Experience
  • Leadership Experience
  • Other extra-curricular involvement

This should be a polished resume. For help in writing a cover letter and/or resume please make an appointment at the Career and Internship Center or the Writing Center.

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