Astronomy at Albion College: 1883-present

In June 2006, we installed a stellarium, a 3D map of the closest 253 stars.

Observatory Observatory

The historic Albion College observatory, located in the heart of campus, was built in 1883 and designated a Michigan Historical Site in 1985.

8" Alvan Clark refractorAn 8" Alvan Clark refractor is located in the historic College observatory. Members of the Astronomy Club frequently use this telescope for observing and public viewing nights.








CelestronBill and Lois Stellman donated a 14'' Celestron telescope and associated equipment including cameras and spotting scope to the department. It has been retrofitted with a Byer's, providing very accurate tracking which allows very long exposure photos. Here, Dr. John A. Williams is aiming the 14" Celestron.







New ObservatoryThe Stellmans and Bernard and Barbara Lomas were the major contributors of funds to construct an observatory on the top of Palenske Hall to house the 14" telescope.

This observatory has been replaced by a 16' Ash dome and will continue to house the 14" Stellman telescope.