JAPANESE 101:  Elementary Japanese

This course is designed for students who will study Japanese for the first time at the college level.  In this course, you will acquire skills in elementary-level speaking, listening, reading, and writing of modern Japanese.  In addition, this course deepens your understanding and knowledge of Japanese culture.  Emphasis is on ability to communicate and function in Japanese accurately and appropriately, both in speech and writing.  By the end of the semester, you will be able to:

1)  Read and Write hiragana and katakana characters.

2)  Ask and understand basic information.

3)  Describe people's daily routines.

Learning Materials:

Genki I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. I (Textbook)

Genki I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. I (Workbook)     

JAPANESE 201:  Intermediate Japanese

This course is a comprehensive program designed to be a logical continuation of the first year
Japanese program at Albion College. This course is an interdisciplinary communicative language class aiming at the improvement of four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will learn more kanji to enhance their reading and writing skills. This course will introduce a variety of speech patterns. Students will learn appropriate time, place, and occasions to use these expressions. This course will be the integration of language learning with discussions on different values and beliefs as well as tangible culture, such as Japanese "kabuki" and "Noh."

JAPANESE 301:  Upper Intermediate Japanese

This course will pick up where Japanese 202 left off and continue to build upon the grammar and vocabulary learned. The goal in this course is to reach a high level of proficiency in Japanese so that students are functional in conversation and can appropriately respond to different situations. Much emphasis will be placed upon producing conversation and expanding the vocabulary used in short and long sentences. Classes will also be dedicated to writing short and long, complex sentences. Weekly tutorials that meet in addition to class will focus on reviewing material presented in class as well as learning more about Japanese culture.

Learning Materials:

Genki II: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. 2 (Textbook)

Genk II: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. 2 (Workbook)