The Native Speaker Teaching Assistant Program

Every academic year we invite French-, Spanish-, and German-speakers to live and work with us at the College. Native Speaker Teaching Assistants are university students in their early twenties from French, Spanish, or German-speaking countries that spend one academic year at Albion College as a special non-degree students.

The native speakers are a vital component to the Modern Languages & Cultures Department, as well as to the I-Space. Due to their role in the Language Department and in the I-Space, Native Speakers hold a special position of respect at Albion College. They lead language tutorials to help students work on their conversational skills and they also organize educational cultural activities and other events for language students. They also plan and conduct weekly activities for residents in each particular language house in I-Space. In addition, as members of the I-Space Council, native speakers attend and help organize bi-weekly meetings where all I-Space residents gather for social or cultural activities.

2004-05 Native Speakers

2005-06 Native Speakers

2006-07 Native Speakers

2007-08 Native Speakers

2009-10 Native Speakers


What you’ll study.

German language, culture, and history. You can major or minor in German, or pick up a track that focuses on the acquisition of German language and business skills. Course requirements.

What you’ll do.

Practice your German daily while living in the I-Space. Use it weekly at lunch with faculty and colleagues. And if you qualify, you can aim for a "fast track" language program domestically or abroad during the summer after your freshman year. German experience opportunities.

Where you’ll go.

Your fluency will help you thrive across many professions in a global economy. Our Modern Languages and Cultures for the Professions (MLCP) track is intended for pre-professionals who want to learn the language and attain cultural knowledge of their target country. Potential career paths.

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