Six Students’ Abstracts Accepted for GSA Meeting

Six junior and senior Geology and Earth Science majors had abstracts accepted for the Northeastern/North-Central Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America. The meeting will be held in Pittsburgh, March 20-22, 2011.

Matt Mahony '12 will be presenting on  "Comparison of Eocene basin-margin and basin-center crocodiles from the Bridger Formation, Green River Basin, Wyoming. Matt is supervised by Dr. Bill Bartels.

Catie Castelli '12 will be presenting on "Shifting elevational distributions of three subalpine and alpine plant species in the White Mountains California." Catie issupervised by Drs. Chris Van de Ven and Thom Wilch.

Will Ward '12 will be presenting on "Cold air pools in Crooked Creek Valley, White Mountains, CA." Catie was supervised by Drs. Chris Van de Ven and Thom Wilch.

Nicki Rockentine '12 will be presenting on  "P-T paths of the Luliang Shan UHP locality, Western China." Nicki was supervised by Dr. Carrie Menold.

Abby Williams '11 and Zane Havens '11 will be presenting on  "Diel turbidity cycles in the Upper Kalamazoo River, MI. " Abby and Zane were supervised by Dr. Thom Wilch.