A Sense of Place: Albion and the American Dream

Dr. Wesley Dick

Are you curious about the community of Albion which hosts the College and which will be your host city for the next four years? Do you know that Albion was selected as an All-American City in 1973? In fact, Albion mirrors many of the central themes of American History--"the good, the bad and the ugly." This course explore the American experience using Albion and Michigan history as case studies. Topics will include: Indians and the Michigan "Trail of Tears"; pioneers and the Michigan frontier; the Underground Railroad, the birth of the Republican Party, and the Civil War; Sojourner Truth, Madelon Stockwell, Anna Howard Shaw and the women's rights movement; the movement of jobs from farm to factory; the history and impact of ethnic and cultural diversity; the Great Depression; World War II; the Civil Rights Era; economic boom and bust; environmental pollution and environmental activism; and contemporary community problems and strengths. An anticipated bonus will be the opportunity to acquire an extended family, namely the people of Albion met through the course. A field trip to Washington, D.C. is planned. In the seminar and on the road, our class will be on a journey in search of "Albion and the American Dream."