Carl Pressprich, '14


My interest in engineering started when…

I was a little boy. I was always putting together, breaking apart, and fixing things around me out of curiosity to learn how the world works.

My Albion education has given me…

The tools I need to think analytically about engineering problems. This allows me to direct my curiosity towards making a difference in the way people interact with things, each other, and their environment.

On transferring to the University of Michigan

The preparation I received at Albion is more than adequate to meet the rigors of the University of Michigan, allowing me to dive right into the engineering curriculum. The breadth of knowledge, experiences, and skills I received at Albion will be a huge asset moving forward as a young professional.

My internship experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
allowed me to...

Contribute to a project focused on wireless data transfer security, which has a real impact on the modern world. This experience gave me a great opportunity to branch out, gain work experience, meet people, and do exciting things. Because of Albion, I was able to do all of this and still earn credit towards my dual degree.

Patrick Wagner


My interest in engineering started when…

I was in high school. I was interested in math and physics, and my family suggested that I give engineering a try. Once I started the Pre-Engineering Program at Albion, I really liked it and found the work to be satisfying.

The professors at Albion are great at…

Expanding the horizon of engineering, math and physics in their classes. They did this by not just talking about theoretical situations, but practical situations too. Because of the small class sizes, I was able to get to know my professors and ask a lot of questions.

On transferring to the University of Michigan - Dearborn

I'm extremely happy with how well Albion prepared me for engineering school. While part of the program at Albion, I took more upper level math and physics classes than was required because these subjects were interesting and fun. Once I transferred to the University of Michigan, everyone started asking me for help in their calculus and physics classes. I made the Dean's list both semesters of my first year there.

My role as an intern at DENSO International America, Inc. involves...

Working in the Engine Management Systems and Components Group 6. We develop and sell different types of sensors found in an engine, with the ultimate goal of getting our sensors purchased by companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler. I'm also working on benchmarking, which involves comparing our sensors to those made by our competitors in order to determine our strengths and weaknesses. I get to tear apart the sensors and figure out how they work, so it's very hands-on and the process is really exciting. It's fun to discover something new everyday.

My Albion experience was invaluable because...

I learned how to be more than just an electrical engineer. I learned how to be an engineer that communicates well with others and who isn't afraid to do something because it seems too difficult. I learned this by being president of the canoe club, captain of the swim team, and community service chairman of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. These positions gave me skills that are essential to being a good engineer. If it wasn't for Albion, I don't know where I would be.

Meet Our Students

CarlPressprichsmallCarl Pressprich

Continued the 3+2 Program at:
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Focus: Electrical Engineering

PatrickWagnersmallPatrick Wagner

Continued the 3+2 Program at:
University of Michigan - Dearborn

Focus: Electrical Engineering

Career Opportunities

Albion College students conduct an exercise in a physics lab.

The dual-degree program in engineering (DDPE) provides students foundational skills in science, mathematics, and computer science, as well as substantial experience in applying these skills to solving contemporary problems.

Engineering is a dynamic profession that is constantly striving to stay on the frontier of technological development. Albion DDPE graduates successfully adapt to this need for change; they are able to educate themselves and learn new techniques to stay abreast of their field.

Application examples include the design and realization of water purification systems, automotive/aerospace/marine vehicles, computer circuits/hardware, supply chain networks, and power grids, to name only a few. As such, DDPE graduates have substantial professional opportunities in both the public and private sector, ranging from design engineer to project manager to entrepreneur. Graduates are also well equipped to pursue graduate degrees in engineering, dentistry, medicine, or law.

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