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Your reponses are key to information that will assist in improving services at the college as well as provide information in respond to questions from faculty, graduate schools, employers, alumni, and prospective students. Grouped data is also used in response to requests from organizations like Barron’s, Peterson’s and U.S. News and World Report.

Information provided will remain strictly confidential and absolutely no identifying information will be used.

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Mentor an Albion Student

Do you want to help an Albion student?

As Albion College alumni, you know the quality of the educational experience at Albion and its students. You also know that the people working in careers have an expertise that can go beyond what is available at the College. If you are interested in assisting current Albion students, we are interested in adding you to our network of mentors.

Process Overview

The Albion College mentoring program uses the strengths of the LinkedIn network, Albion alumni, and supporters. The Albion Mentoring LinkedIn Group is a subgroup of the Albion College official LinkedIn group. You will need to be granted permission to be a part of the Mentoring group and will be expected to adhere to strong ethical standards to participate.

Mentoring Topics

Topics that may be covered within a mentoring relationship may be as simple as questions about how to communicate a skill in a resume.  Students and mentors may form longer term mentoring relationships that cover choice of career, success in college, and success after college.

Getting Matched with a Mentee

The matching process will materialize in one of a few ways: the public arena of the Linkedin group or through a student reaching out to a specific mentor that is a member of the group.  Public postings allow the Career and Internship Center, Alumni, and Parent Leadership offices to monitor and facilitate matches.

pdfMentoring Program Handout for Mentors

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Career and Internship Center.

We hope you consider giving back to Albion College students. The role of mentoring is very important to the success of our graduates!

First Destination Report

Albion College is interested in what happens to our students once they graduate. Each year the Career and Internship Center surveys graduates to gather information on what they are doing in the areas of employment, graduate / professional school, and volunteer service. This information is used by the Career and Internship Center and other departments at Albion College to continue to change and improve the services we provide our students and alumni.

First Destination Reports

pdf Class of 2016

pdf Class of 2015

pdf Class of 2014

pdf Class of 2013

pdf Class of 2012

pdf Class of 2011

pdf Class of 2010

pdf Class of 2009

pdf Class of 2008

pdf Class of 2007

pdf Class of 2006

pdf Class of 2005

New Graduates

We want to include you in our next First Destination Report! Please make sure to check your Albion email in the fall for the survey request.

Ten Years Out

The College also recently completed a survey of the class of 2001 to see where alumni are on their career paths ten years after graduation. The results are part of a new brochure that includes profiles of recent alumni and describes the benefits of an Albion hands-on educaiton.

pdf View the brochure

Fifteen Years Out

Recently, Albion graduates without higher degrees who completed a PayScale.com survey reported a mid-career (approximately 15 years' experience) median salary of $79,100. This compares favorably to many schools in the Midwest as well as liberal arts colleges nationally.

See PayScale's list for Midwestern colleges and universities

See PayScale's list for national liberal arts colleges

Briton Career Connections

Share your Career Experiences and Guide Current Students on their Paths

Location: Kellogg Center 2nd Floor

Date: Friday, October 14, 2016

Time: 1:00p - 3:00p

What is Briton Career Connections?

Briton Career Connections is a great opportunity for alumni and parents to have personal conversations with students about their professional fields in a fair-style format. Attendees will be expected to talk about their career paths and offer suggestions for aspiring young professionals. This is also an ideal time to provide students with information on internships and jobs at your place of work or within your network.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone who would like to provide current students with information on their career path, company/organization or industry. Current professionals, current graduate students, and retired professionals all have very important information to communicate to students.

What is the Format of the Event?

You can choose to attend as an individual or represent your company. Participants will be provided table space that encourages networking with students and other alumni. The atmosphere will be a blend of a college career fair and networking event.

What Will/Should I Do at the Event?

As students visit your table it will be helpful if you can:

  • Recruit for jobs and internships with your company/institution
  • Provide them with information about your career path
  • Advise students about pursuing careers similar to yours
  • Discuss past experiences and what has provided a strong sense of meaning during your career
  • Discuss graduate program options and your experience
  • Communicate pointers about trends in applicable career fields
  • Provide advice regarding students’ networking/elevator speeches


Please contact Troy Kase, Director of the Career and Internship Center at or 517/629-0332.

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