Resources and Forms

Chapter Forms:

  • Active Member Grade Release Form (pdf)
  • Fraternity Housing Forms:
  • Fraternity Board Transfer Form (pdf)
  • Fraternity House Exterior Door Form (pdf)
  • House Improvement Form (pdf)
  • Recruitment Forms:
  • College Panhellenic Violation Report Form (pdf)
  • IFC Bid Acceptance and Fraternity Board Transfer Form (pdf)
  • Panhellenic COB Acceptance Binding Agreement (pdf)
  • Panhellenic Formal Recruitment PNM Excuse Form (pdf)
  • Potential New Member Grade Release Form (pdf)

Social Event Forms:

  • Fraternity On Campus Event Registration Form (pdf)
  • Greek Off Campus Event Registration Form and Third Party Vendor Checklist (pdf)
  • Travel Policy and Forms