Donald W. Strite, '14

Donald W. Strite, '14, Albion College Board of TrusteesProfessional Association: Assurance Staff member at Ernst and Young.

Education: B.A. Degree, Albion College 2014.

Don Strite graduated from Albion College in 2014 with a degree in Economics and Management with Emphasis in Accounting.

In addition to serving as assurance staff member, Don is studying to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), training for Triathlons and Half/Full Marathons.

Don currently lives in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Mr. Strite serves as an Albion College Trustee because…

he found a true passion for the college after attending 4 years and creating lasting relationships with faculty and students through both academic endeavors and extracurricular activities at Albion. After taking advantage of several opportunities the college offers, Don wants to bring awareness throughout the schools to encourage students to do the same and show them the success that can come from doing so. On a larger scale, he hopes to help the college reach its full academic potential by becoming one of the most competitive liberal arts colleges in the Midwest.