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Starting Your College Search ebook

Want to take our College Search Guide with you on your mobile device? Download the entire guide, Starting Your College Search, as a portable - and free - eBook as either a PDF or Apple iBook.

You will get eight advice-filled chapters on picking your best college, questions to ask on college tours, plus a bonus chapter on filling out the FAFSA. You will also find resources and other tools to help you in your college search. All in a free, mobile format that works best for your device.

Starting Your College Search is the perfect guide to the college search process for high school sophomores, juniors, seniors, and their families. It's Albion College's gift to you! 

Download the PDF version of Starting Your College Search:

PDF Version (8 mb)

Download Starting Your College Search for free on the Apple iBookstore:

Download our eBook on Apple iBookstore

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