10 Questions to Ask Before You Make Your Final College Choice

So, where do you want to go? To help you answer this big question, here are ten little ones you'll want to ask first.


Does it have my academic program?

Explore your personal and career goals. When researching programs, consider which majors and minors would support these goals. Still not decided? That's okay, many students wait to declare their major during sophomore year in order to weigh their options.


What's campus life like?

Look at the range of campus clubs, groups, and activities available. Read the college's Facebook page, or check out the college's Instagram hashtag, to see what's going on. Can you do the things you like to do? Any new experiences you want to try?


How far do I want to go?

Some students want to experience entirely new terrain, and some like to have a short drive to their parents' house for the weekend.


Can I afford it?

This is about more than the cost of tuition; it's figuring out a total financial aid solution. Scholarships, grants, and loans can significantly reduce the amount your family will pay.


Are athletics important?

Whether you want to play or just cheer from the sidelines, sports might be a big part of your college experience. Or not. The size of the school may be a big factor here.


How are the campus facilities?

Look at the library, the science labs, the residence halls, the fitness facility, and any other campus building you'll spend time in. The quality of these facilities will tell you a lot about the experience you'll have.


Is it the right size?

There are lots of reasons to select a big school. There are just as many reasons to attend a small one. Medium-ish, too. Be sure to try them all on for size.


Does it have a good mix of students?

When you visit a campus, you may see students who are just like you. You'll also see students who are nothing like you. Some of both is usually best, so find the mix that feels right.


Will I be challenged?

Ask if this is a place where you'll be pushed to grow and learn. Also determine if you'll be able to handle the work. Find out what level of academic rigor seems best for you.


Does it feel right?

When you make your final decision, it often comes down to your gut. Maybe it's the helpful professor or student you met—relationships you develop will be a core part of your college experience. Maybe it was the amazing research lab or art studio you visited. Sometimes you can't put your finger on it — maybe you just knew this college was right for you the minute you stepped on campus.

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