Referral Program

You know all about the life-changing opportunities an Albion education offers. Why not share them with a prospective student?

Consider your family (including immediate family members), neighbors, friends, children of co-workers, members of your religious community, civic groups, and others. Recommend a student by submitting the form below, and you'll ensure that the student will receive personal contact and admission information.

But it doesn't have to end with the referral. We ask that you actively recruit your student, offer support throughout the search process, recommend campus visits, and encourage his or her application to Albion.

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Referral Success Stories

Referral Program Staff

Corey Grazul, '08, knows a little about alumni referrals. After all, he ended up at Albion College thanks in part to his dermatologist.

"I went there to have my pimples looked at," he said with a laugh. "I was going into my senior year at high school and my dermatologist (in Saginaw) asked if I'd thought about college. I said, ‘Well, yeah' and she said, ‘You ought to think about going to Albion. That's where I graduated.' I'd never even heard of Albion."

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For More Information

For questions about the referral program please contact Corey Grazul or Marsha Whitehouse by calling 800/858-6770 or by email at .