10 Tips for About Financial Aid


Apply for admission.

When reviewing your admission application we'll also look for any scholarships for which you're eligible.


Complete your FAFSA.

Need help? Check out this video or contact our office at or 517/629-0440.


Review your Financial Aid Offer.

Once we've received your FAFSA we'll send you a financial aid notification that outlines any grants, loans or work-study that you may receive. We'll also include a link to the Albion College Information System (ACIS). This is your on-line portal that will give you all the details about each award and any outstanding requirements.


Complete your Financing Plan.

After you receive your aid offer we'll send you your personalized financing plan that allows you to consider other resources that you'll have available to assist with your college costs.


Accept your aid.

Log into your ACIS account and accept any loans or work that you'd like. You'll also need to accept the Terms and Conditions for your scholarships.


Complete your loan counseling and promissory notes.

If you've accepted any loans you'll need to complete a promissory note – that's your agreement to repay the loan. And, you'll also be required to complete loan counseling. You can do both of those on-line. Your ACIS information will have the links for you to complete those requirements.


Make a plan to pay your bill.

We'll send your fall semester in early July. You can make sure all of your financial aid is ready to be applied to your bill by checking your financial aid requirements in ACIS. If you need additional resources to pay your bill now is the time to explore those.


Consider other resources.

There are additional loan programs – the PLUS loan for parents and alternative loans - to help cover your costs. You can learn more about those on our loan page.


Authorize your parents to have access.

If you'd like to have your parents get a copy of your bill you'll need to add them as an authorized user on your account. You can sign them up on our Authorized Users page. You also may provide them access to view your ACIS account under the Proxy Menu option.


Stay connected.

Read your emails and check your ACIS account to make sure your file is complete. Follow us on Facebook to get updates on available scholarships and learning opportunities through the Financial Skills Center.

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