Build Albion Fellows

Make lasting change in the Albion community.

The Build Albion Fellows (BAF) program is a competitive, four-year funding opportunity for graduating high-school seniors who reside in the City of Albion. Focused on offering access to students engaged in community service, BAF participants work to improve life in Albion via direct and indirect service-learning opportunities. In exchange, BAF participants receive tuition, room, board, and books. Via this exchange between college and community, BAF students become enriched by programming that supports responsible and reciprocal community engagement and leadership informed by principles of equity, solidarity, and power-sharing.

Build Albion Fellows Mission

The mission of the Build Albion Fellows program is to make a positive, productive, and collaborative impact on the Albion community by dedicating open minds and hearts to an education that exists inside and outside the classroom and providing meaningful acts of service, big and small, to local individuals, businesses, and organizations that call Albion home.

Our Fellows are dedicated to serving their community, academic success, leadership development, and creating lasting and meaningful change in the Albion community and beyond.