Transfer Application

This is where you start to make it happen.

There are two ways to apply for admission:

Additional materials are required to complete your application for admission, including:

  • College Transcript with GPA: Your courses and grades must be at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

  • SAT or ACT scores: Only required if you haven't completed four semesters of academic course work at an accredited institution.

Please see the application for a complete list.

Documents can be submitted to the admission office at:
611 E. Porter St., Albion, Michigan 49224

Once these documents are received the Admission Committee will review your file.

Rolling Admission

Albion College offers rolling admission, students may apply at any point during the year. All completed applications and supporting material will be processed within two weeks of submission. The national enrollment deposit deadline date is May 1. Students may deposit after May 1 if there is room in the class, however, deposits are non-refundable after May 1. If you have questions, please contact Nick Macqueen at or at 517/629-0718.

Albion College draws its strength from the rich diversity of our students. We are pleased to welcome qualified students from all backgrounds, regardless of citizenship and immigration status, into our living and learning community.

We are mindful of the challenges faced by DACA holders and undocumented students during these uncertain times and are committed to continuing to welcome and support these individuals.