FURSCA Feature: Matthew Kleinow, '17

Matthew Kleinow, '17
Matthew Kleinow, '17, works in the Albion College herbarium.

Your Major:

Biology and music.

Your Adviser:

Dan Skean

Briefly explain your FURSCA project.

I am updating and digitizing the information contained in the Albion College Herbarium. A herbarium is a reference library of plant specimens.

What have you learned so far in doing your research?

I have learned that plant names aren't as stable as I thought, and I have learned much about different plant families.

Why did you pick this particular project?

I mentioned to Dr. Dan Skean that I wanted to do an internship elsewhere, he suggested looking into FURSCA and this project. It will reorganize and update the herbarium, while at the same time uploading the information contained within the herbarium to the Internet. That will make the info easier to access.

What's next for your project?

I'm currently working on tagging the specimens in preparation for digitizing them.I expect that I'll be done digitizing ahead of schedule.