FURSCA Feature: Callie Bussell, '14

Your Major(s):

Theater and Economics and Management

Your Adviser:

Robert Starko

Briefly explain your FURSCA project.

My project follows the growth and development of the profession of the actor from its western origins in Greece to present day by studying the various styles throughout history.

What have you learned so far in doing your research?

The amount I have learned is limitless, but something that I find invaluable is the connection in body and voice while working on a Shakespearean Monologue.

Why did you pick this particular project?

Callie Bussell, '14, with Prof. Robert Starko
Prof. Robert Starko and Callie Bussell, '14

Many factors went in to this choice, the main being my need to hone my skills as an actor and help me learn skills that I normally wouldn't learn in such a small department as Albion's, but I'm also using it as a way to better our tiny department. With my extra knowledge I will be able to help the other actors in our department.

How will this FURSCA project help you after Albion?

This project is essentially a direct course in preparing me for a successful career in acting. I hope to have a very strong understanding and talent of each of the styles I've selected to study. This will give directors much more confidence in their decision to cast me in the professional world.

What's next for your project?

I will use the tools I've learned this summer and apply them to everything I do in the department next year. I hope to continue this research and perhaps present my findings at the Elkin Isaac Symposium.

Looking back, how has the project worked out?

The project proved to be so much harder than I expected it to be because of its vastness, but everything about it was fruitful to my development as an actor. I enjoyed every single second I spent because acting is passion and I love nothing more than a challenge that pushes me to my limits which my adviser has done for me.