Women's History Month 1997

March 1

Sleight Women's High School Leadership Conference --Keynote Speaker: Mildred Jeffreys

March 20 (Thursday)

10:00 AM -- Bobbitt Auditorium
"Women, Politics and the Environment"
Co-sponsored by SEARCH and Environmental Studies
Reception before the talk.
4:00 PM -- Bobbitt Auditorium
Science for Survival: This film looks at the work of three women scientists Bobbitt Auditorium in India who are trying to incorporate women's traditional knowledge into efforts for ecologically sound, sustainable development.
Comment by Dr. Dale Kennedy, Biology and Environmental Studies

March 24 (Monday)

4:00 PM -- Bobbitt Auditorium
Women's Studies Student Research and Internship Symposium: Women's Studies seniors will present their research and discuss their internships.
8:00 PM -- Bobbitt Auditorium
"Confrontation Without Alienation: the Speeches of Anna Howard Shaw"
Dacia Charlesworth, University of Southern Illinois, presents her original work on the rhetoric of the Rev. Dr. Shaw, who has consistently been acknowledged as the greatest orator of the women's suffrage movement.

March 25 (Tuesday)

7:00 PM -- Norris 101
"Women and Politics"
Eleanor Smeal -- Founder and president of both the Feminist Majority Foundation and the Fund for the Feminist Majority, Eleanor Smeal is known throughout the nation for her efforts in support of women's rights. smeal appears frequently on TV and radio, testifies before Congressional committees on wide variety of issues and speaks to diverse audiences on a broad range of feminist topics. her leadership had been acknowledged by a variety of well known publications. Named by Time magazine as one of the "50 Faces for America's Future," she was featured as one of the six most influential Washington lobbyists in U.S. News and World Report.

March 26 (Wednesday)

7:00 PM -- Kresge Gym Steps
Take Back the Night Rally and March
Reception to follow March at the Women's Center - 314 Rob Hall
Sponsored by SEARCH

March 27 (Thursday)

7:30 PM -- Bobbitt Auditorium
One Woman, One Vote: the story of the women's suffrage movement
Discussion will follow the showing of this movie

Also April 1: Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker During the 1950's, Dr. Hooker's work challenged the cultural and psychiatric conceptions of homosexuality. Her findings hepled overturn the American Psychiatric Association's categorizing of homosexuality as a mental disorder. Co-sponsored by Psychology Dept. and Anthro/Soc Dept.

April 9 "Welfare Reform and its impact on our communities" 7:00 PM, Bobbitt Auditorium Amy Wakeland, '92, (Rhodes Scholar, etc.) Kellogg Expert-in-Residence. Reception to follow