Harold Connamacher

Education History

  • Undergraduate: Oberlin College, Computer Science Program.
  • Masters: University of Oregon, Department of Computer and Information Science.
  • Doctorate: University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science.
  • Additionally, I did undergraduate work in History at the University at Buffalo.

Industrial Experience

  • Software Engineer, ISTR, Incorporated, now defunct.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Automated Securities Clearance, now part of SunGard Data Systems.
  • Project Manager and GUI Developer, Data Management Group, Joint Program in Transportation, University of Toronto.


  • H. Connamacher and M. Molloy. The Exact Satisfiability Threshold for a Potentially Intractable Random Constraint Satisfaction Problem. In the Proceedings of FOCS 2004.
  • H. Connamacher, A random constraint satisfaction problem that seems hard for DPLL. In the Proceedings of SAT 2004.
  • H. S. Connamacher and A. Proskurowski, On the complexity of minimizing certain cost metrics for k-source spanning trees, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 131(1): 113-127, 2003.