Mae Ola Dunklin

Mae Ola DunklinDirector, Shurmur Education Institute

211 Olin


Mae Ola currently serves as the Director of the Fritz Shurmur Education Institution. Mae Ola works closely with faculty and students and also serves as a liaison person between the Albion Public Schools and Albion College. She provides an added value to the Teacher Education Program through the Fritz Shurmur Education Institute by supporting prospective teachers with professional development stipend to enable them to attend conferences and or workshops that extend beyond the regular college curriculum.

Mae Ola is presenting working with a collaboration team of Albion Public School faculty, administration and Albion College faculty to support the teacher education program. This program provides first hand experiences for prospective teachers and support academic growth of the Albion Public Schools students.

Mae Ola taught for 32 years in the Albion Public Schools. Twenty-two years were spent in the classrooms and 6 years as the principal of Harrington Elementary. Mae Ola joined the Education Department Staff in 2002, as a supervisor of student teachers and as an adjunct professor. In the summer of 2003, she became the part-time Director of the Fritz Shurmur Education Institute.

She received her undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education ) from Grambling State University, in Grambling, Louisiana and her Master's of Arts Degree from Western Michigan University.