Women's History Month 2002

Fridays, Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, and March 15, 12-1 pm. KC: Alumni Conference Room. The Coterie on Dr. Reid’s research when we will discuss 5 articles by Dr. Reid. If all the articles used by the Reid Coterie are not interesting, you could select one or more to read and only participate in part(s) of the Coterie. We are attaching a list of those readings. The schedule for the Coterie is not set yet but we will notify you if you are interested and send you the articles, just send me an email.

Feb 1: Reid, P. T. (1993).  Poor women in psychological research: Shut up and shut out.  Psychology of Women Quarterly, 17, 133-150.    Reprinted in Goldberger, N. R. & Veroff, J. B. (Eds.) (1995). The culture and psychology reader. New York, NY: New York University Press; 184-204. Reprinted in L.A. Peplau, et al. (Ed.) (1999). Gender, culture and ethnicity.   Mayfield Publishing Company.

Feb 8: Reid, P.T. & Kelly, E. (1994).  Research on women of color: From ignorance to awareness.  Psychology of Women Quarterly, 18, 477-486.

Feb 15: Reid, P. T. & Holland, N. E. (1997).  Prejudice and discrimination: Old paradigms in new models for psychology.  In D. F. Halpern & A. Voiskounsky (Eds.), States of Mind:  American and Post-Soviet Perspectives on Contemporary Issues in Psychology.  New York: Oxford University Press (pp. 325 - 341).

Feb 22: Reid, P.T. & Vianna, E. (2001). Negotiating partnerships: Research on Poverty with Community-Based Agencies. Journal of Social Issues, 57, 339-356.

March 15: Reid, P.T. & Zalk, S.R. (2001.) Academic Environments: Gender and Ethnicity in U.S. Higher Education. In Worrell, J. et. al (eds.) Encyclopedia of women and gender (pp.29-42). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

Wednesday, March 13, 6-7:30 pm. Upper Baldwin. The Fashion Show and Dinner will be a chance to learn about women’s fashions throughout history and today. Why did women dress as they did? What does popular culture have to do with fashions? At the meal served during the fashion show we will share information about how to eat healthy in Baldwin!

Thursday, March 14, 3:30-5:00 pm. KC: Stack. The Pi Party is for 5th-12th grade girls from Albion Public Schools and Albion College women interested in Math and Science Careers. We are asking the math and science public school teachers to recommend some of their best girls for invitations. We are also asking them to list minor equipment or games they need for their classrooms. There have been recent cuts in spending for the Albion public schools. We will buy games and minor equipment for these teachers and use them at the Pi Party. Women college students will attend to share with the girls their career goals and play the new games and eat pie! Contributions from math and science departments and Albion College and from Albion civic organizations (to pay for the equipment and games) are being sought.

Friday, March 15, 4-6 pm. Library: Wendell Will Room. Women’s and Gender Scholars’ Reception. A chance to recognize and celebrate the recently published works of our faculty.

Saturday, March 16, 10 pm. Coffee House. Tamara Bedricky is a soulful acoustic rock singer from the Detroit area. She has dedicated a great effort to succeeding as a professional singer

Wednesday, March 20, 4 pm. Location tba. For advanced students who are interested in research we are holding a special research session with Dr. Reid which Barbara Keyes is setting up. The discussion will focus on Dr. Reid’s research and that of the student and faculty participants.

Wednesday, March 20, 6-7:30 pm. KC: Stack. The Dinner with Pamela Trotman Reid when she will be available to discuss practical issues of race and gender in our schools. We are inviting public school teachers and counselors, Albion College education students and faculty, psychology students and faculty, and students in Len Berkey’s Building Assets in Middle School Girls Project, as well as others interested in gender, race, and class issues in public education.

Thursday, March 21, 11 am-12 noon. Norris 101. The Anna Howard Shaw convocation speaker this year is Dr. Pamela Trotman Reid from University of Michigan, Institute for Research on Women and Gender and Women’s Studies Program. Reid, who is from Detroit, does research on issues of gender, class and ethnicity and focuses on the experiences of African American girls and women. She is the past president of the American Psychological Association’s Psychology of Women Division. Dr. Reid will discuss Women and Popular Culture.

Thursday, March 21, 12 noon (or so). Mary Sykes Room. Lunch with Dr. Reid. Event where invited faculty and students share lunch with Dr. Reid for discussion of her lecture.

Friday, March 22, 9 pm. KC: Stack. Union Board co-sponsored singer: Toshi Reagon. She creates a musical hybrid by mixing rock, soul, funk, blues, and folk music for a "musical feast delivered with humor and intelligence through her dynamic voice and fierce guitar playing."

Saturday, March 23, 9-11 pm. Bobbitt Auditorium. A feature length film will be shown, probably ‘1947 Earth’ (about the partition of Pakistan).

Sunday, March 24, 7-9 pm. Norris 101 or KC: Living Room. The Body Image Workshop with Lisa Hunter is intended to be interactive and help participants reflect on their own body image but it would also be beneficial for future professionals to learn different approaches that help people struggling with eating disorders. We will again share information about how to eat well at Albion College. At this event we will also collect women’s special needs paper products to donate to women living in poverty.

Monday, March 26th, Debbie Stoller is speaking at classes and in the morning of Tuesday, the 27th. We are distributing copies of BUST magazine for faculty and students to help publicize Deb’s visit. So far set:

Steve Bailey, Eng. 308 news-editing, 9:10-10 am

Jason Antrosio, Intro to Gender Studies, 1:10-2 pm

Monday, March 25, 6-7 pm. Kresge Commons. The Fund Raising Dinner for Afghani Women will be held before the conversation with Debbie Stoller. Community volunteers from Albion First United Methodist Church and other local congregations will be bringing donated Middle Eastern, Pakistani, and Afghani foods for a ‘pot luck’ meal. Tickets will be sold for $4 to raise money for programs supporting Afghani women and children. The meal will be a time for community residents and college students, staff and faculty to talk with each other and with Deb Stoller.

Monday, March 25, 7-8:00 pm. Kresge Commons. The Evening with Deb Stoller, the editor-in-chief of BUST magazine, will follow the Afghani fund raising dinner. Ms. Stoller of New York City will share her ideas about women and popular culture as they relate to running a fairly new national women magazine. How does her magazine effect women and popular culture and how is BUST effected by popular culture? What about running a magazine? What about getting one started?

Wednesday, March 27, 4-6 pm. Bobbitt Auditorium. Mini-Research Symposium where students studying women’s and gender issues may present their work in preparation for Elkin Isaac and other larger research forums.