Transnational Studies Minor

How do we make sense of our increasingly interconnected world? What skills do we need to thrive in the global marketplace? The International Studies (IS) Transnational Studies Minor offers an opportunity to learn about this interconnectedness by examining the various phenomena that transcend national boundaries without requiring a study-abroad semester.

Albion College students participating in a discussion in a classroom

Why Study Transnational Studies at Albion?

Our liberal arts approach creates a specifically tailored educational experience for our students, allowing you to design a path of study that’s right for you. You’ll choose among pre-approved courses that explore issues beyond existing national borders, thereby developing a rich knowledge of transnational approaches to global problems. 

What Will You Learn as a Transnational Studies Minor?

You’ll understand how relationships between governments, regions, and countries impact our contemporary world, and how we can leverage transnational approaches to global problems facing us today.

You’ll learn how to function effectively in a globalized world by acquiring language competencies and cultural humility.