Environmental Studies Concentration

Prepare for a career in environmental advocacy or science journalism in a concentration that compliments your major in another field. Study the relationship between our society and the natural world, undertake research and develop solutions to address the environmental challenges we face today.

Two Albion College community members working outside by a river holding a tub of water

Why Study Environmental Studies at Albion?

The environmental studies concentration at Albion is designed for students who have an interest in environmental issues and plan careers in related fields. You’ll pursue a major in any field and select courses that allow you to develop a deep understanding of how natural and social systems interact. You’ll learn how economic, political and environmental policy can address–or exacerbate–contemporary environmental issues like climate change, extreme weather and world hunger.

You’ll apply everything you learn to an environmental research project, community engagement project or internship, where you’ll gain hands-on experience that prepares you to take the next step in your professional career.