Environmental Science Concentration

Combine your science or mathematics major with a concentration exploring the ecology, geology and biology of our natural world. Study the Earth’s evolution, ecosystems and resources, examine the human impact on the environment and create sustainable solutions to address the challenges we face today.

Group of Albion College community members holding a net while standing in a river

Why Study Environmental Science at Albion?

Our environmental science concentration is aimed primarily at students who wish to pursue an environmental career that is practiced primarily in one field of science. As an environmental science concentrator, you’ll major in biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, mathematics/physics or physics. You’ll take six additional courses that broaden your path of study and allow you to explore intersecting scientific, cultural and ecological concerns. 

You’ll apply everything you learn to an environmental research project, community engagement project or internship, where you’ll gain hands-on experience that prepares you to take the next step in your professional career.