Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Briton Path?

Briton Path is a program designed to help students navigate the transition from high school to college. Students are first introduced to an organized study program and then encouraged to utilize some of the many sources of academic assistance available at Albion College.

Why was I selected to participate in BP?

The Admissions Department invites students to participate in the BP program as a requirement of admission to Albion College in instances where the student's high school GPA and/or ACT/SAT scores are below those normally accepted into the college. This option is made available to a limited number of students who the Admissions department recognizes to have the qualities found in successful Albion students but whose numerical scores may not reflect their abilities.

Is the Briton Path Program a remedial program?

No. The courses you take are regular courses.

How do I accept the invitation to participate in the Briton Path?

It is a one-step process. When you receive your acceptance letter, you will also receive an acceptance form that includes your agreement to participate in the Briton Path program. You will need to complete and return the form to the admissions department in order to finalize your admission to Albion College.

What does the Commitment Statement to participate in the Briton Path involve?

It states that you understand the program you are joining will last for up to two semesters. During the first semester all students in the program will attend 9 hours of study table hours three evenings a week and during this time, meet with an Academic Coach once a week for academic planning. During these study periods, you will also participate in weekly study skills workshops, weekly guided practice sessions for support in your first-year classes, and learn alongside your peers.

Why are mandatory study sessions required?

The study sessions are meant to provide you with an extra boost towards success. During the first semester of college you will be asked to make an abrupt change from high school to college study habits. The most crucial one is realizing that most college learning takes place outside the classroom such as when you read for class, review lecture notes, and study for exams over a period of several days. A second factor is realizing that you will have to learn course material at a deeper level than memorization of facts. All in 14 short weeks. The mandatory study sessions, meetings with academic coaches, and availability of weekly review sessions are intended to put you on the road to success during your first year of college.

Will participation in the program impact the courses I can take?

Prior to SOAR, admitted students will complete an Academic Questionnaire. As with all other Albion College first-year students, this will information will be used to help create a well-balanced and successful course schedule which will help you to be the most successful during your first-semester. Briton Path students are grouped together into learning communities and assigned an Academic Coach based on a shared first-year class, so changes to your first semester schedule must be in consultation with a Briton Path staff member.