The Briton Path

The Briton Path


For over 15 years, the Briton Path program has successfully guided students into the experience of college culture and academic level learning. The Briton Path can be helpful to students who are concerned with time management, access to support services, skill development, and developing effective college level study habits.

The program components are opportunities to guide you towards the habits and skills of a successful college student. You can gain a head start that can be crucial for early success. Your commitment and engagement with the program will determine the success of your path.

Get on the Path!

The Briton Path program offers you a class that guides your transition and supports your efforts in all of your first semester classes. As part of this class you will have a faculty member as well as a student academic coach for your evening session:
  • IDY 111 Briton Path (.25 unit credit): Meeting once a week with a faculty member, you are introduced to the "hidden" rules of college level academic classes. We help you to understand the "switch" from high school to college expectations. You will learn and practice effective methods for planning and time management. We also explore the experience of transition and how to develop a sense of belonging in this new world of college. You will engage in activities to develop your own campus support team.
  • IDY 111 Learning Community Lab: Establishing the habit of regular study time is perhaps the most important action that will lead to success. You will join with a group of 5-6 students and your academic coach in meeting three times a week for two hour study sessions (6hrs/week total). You and your group members will be enrolled in one academic class together. Your academic coach will serve as your guide and tutor for this class. You will also practice strategies, planning, and time management methods that will accelerate your adjustment to college level academics.

The Briton Path Includes:

  • Peer Academic Coaches
  • Weekly group study skill sessions
  • Weekly guided practice sessions for first year introductory courses
  • Individualized weekly consultations for time management and problem-solving support
  • Access to individualized guidance and consultation for campus issues from LSC staff

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