Peer Tutoring

Albion College offers peer tutoring for most entering level classes.

There are unique advantages of peer tutors. Peer tutors have often had the same class with the same instructor. They understand the potential roadblocks to success from a student standpoint. The peer tutors often speak the same language and are easy to connect with. Students may find it easier to talk about difficulties they are having in a class. Students often develop a sense of partnership with a peer tutor.

Our peer tutor program offers students:

  • Individualized instruction
  • Clarification concepts
  • Recall and memory improvement
  • Alternative study strategies
  • Improvement for persistence and motivation

Most importantly, peer tutoring is a FREE service.

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Peer tutor Study Groups

The LSC coordinates peer-facilitated study groups for several courses each semester. If you have several individuals interested in studying together with a peer tutor the LSC can set this up. For more information, contact Nick Mourning at .

Quantitative Study Center

The Quantitative Study Center provides study rooms for introductory Math, Physics and Chemistry classes. Individual appointments with the QSC director are available for any math related course.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides peer writing consultants who can assist with paper writing at any point in the writing process. This is great for deciding on a paper’s thesis and developing ideas. The consultants will go over a paper you have written and offer assistance with sharpening the focus and clarifying your points.